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  In the first half economic report card released four key words deconstruction "6.3% " CCTV News: 45.09 trillion yuan, which is the first half of this year, Chinas GDP, which is the total amount of GDP, 6-.3% in the first half of this year Chinas economic growth rate, then, behind these data, which show the Chinese economy highlights?Then we have four key words to deconstruct 6.This figure of 3%.Smooth operation, not low speed, high gold content, the hard-won, becoming 6.3% of the digital word deconstruction.First look at "stable" word how to reflect?State Statistical Bureau spokesman Maosheng Yong: 6 in the first half.3%, slightly slowed down to 0.1 percentage point, so if we combine some of the indicators of employment, prices, income, environment, etc. combined together, the economy still running smoothly in a reasonable range.Data show that in the first half reached 737 million new urban jobs, the annual target task 67%.The first half of the consumer price index CPI, rose 2.2%, continuing a moderate rising trend.Real growth in the first half, the national per capita disposable income of 6.5%, faster than the economic growth rate 0.2 percentage points.In addition, to further improve the ecological environment in the first half, only ecological protection and environmental governance sector investment grew 48 percent, faster than the total investment 42.2 percentage points.In addition, from the speed point of view, the first quarter of this year Chinas economic growth 6.4%, reaching the fastest speed in the worlds major economies in.Although somewhat lower in the second quarter, but still among the best.State Statistical Bureau spokesman Maosheng Yong: Global economic growth slowed in the first half of this year China 6.3% growth rate in the worlds major economies inside, should still be a top speed.The 6.3% of the gold content is mainly reflected in the high quality and sustainable growth, such as pollution continues to show the effectiveness of prevention.Proportion of the total preliminary accounts, the first half of natural gas, hydropower, nuclear power, wind power and other clean energy consumption accounts for energy consumption, increase over the previous year 1.6 percent per unit of GDP energy consumption fell 2 year.7%.State Statistical Bureau spokesman Maosheng Yong: We know that since last year, including the first half of this year, domestic long-term accumulation of a number of structural problems highlighted, there is downward pressure on the economy.In this case, we do not actually type of flood irrigation strong stimulation, but more optimized business environment, reduce costs of large-scale tax cuts to stimulate the vitality of market players, promote economic steady intake.6.Such a rate of 3%, is a hard-won rate.

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