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  Japan June core CPI rose 0.6% Japans Ministry of Internal Affairs data released on the 20th June, Japan Excluding fresh food, core consumer price index rose year on year 0.6% to 101.6.This is Japans core CPI rose for 30 consecutive months, but the increase is narrowing, since July 2017 the lowest level.Data show that household consumer durables, food, electricity and gas and other prices, pulled up the CPI increase.At the same time, mobile phone communication costs declined by 5-year policy implications.8%, gasoline prices fell by the impact of international crude oil prices fell 2.7%, the main factor inhibiting CPI increase.To make its economy out of deflation, the Japanese government and central bank in January 2013 established the 2 percent inflation target.Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda hope that through the implementation of ultra-loose monetary policy to achieve this goal with a period of about two years, but the gap is still large.

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