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  Hebei government service hall started 37 departments centralized office Peoples Government Information Office of Hebei Province on the 16th held a "provincial government service hall up and running," said the press conference the same day, government services up and running hall Hebei Province, the department entered the hall to undertake 37.Meanwhile, the "do when Ji" mobile government services on-line platform to run.It is reported that Hebei government services stationed in the lobby to undertake sector 37, stationed in matters 628, of which 341 administrative licensing, preliminary examination report 38 other administrative authority handled according to application 226, public services 23.Hebei Province-level government departments stationed rate of 91 service items.4%.Administrative Service Hall Hebei Province set up a total investment of construction, start-up market, agricultural and forestry resources, science, education, cultural and sports, social affairs, that is quick to do six functional areas, set up a network experience area and three self-help desk, front window 60.Among them, Beijing, Tianjin and the joint development of a window, hung window a safe New construction.It is understood that through the integration of Hebei provincial, municipal and county levels of government service duties, the province established a unified government service management system, a sound mechanism to achieve up and down through the data sharing platform Unicom, the initial formation of the province at all levels of the overall linkage, the new pattern of business collaboration, aggregation effectiveness of government services system.It is reported that, "When do Ji" by pooling resources at all levels of government services applications, Hebei Province, city, county, provide authority for the enterprise and the masses, unified, convenient mobile government services, is an important component in Hebei Province "Internet + government service" system section."When do Ji" is now on line 1295 application, which matters a total of 1024 government services, convenience services like hot items Total 271.The provinces social security payment inquiries, inquiries Medicare payment, provident fund to handle the query, the query traffic offense matters in high frequency applications such as payment, can be in the "do when Ji" mobile application platform to handle real-time query.Deputy Director of the Office of Administrative Services Manager Hebei Genglan Hua said that the construction of government service hall, Hebei Province, is the enterprise masses "only into a door," as the goal, vigorously promote government services centralized processing, to achieve "multi-door" to "a" and improve the effectiveness of government services concrete manifestation of great significance to accelerate the transformation of government functions, improve the efficiency and transparency of government services, to facilitate the masses entrepreneurship, and further stimulate market activity and social creativity.

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