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  Sichuan exist scattered and secondary cases among health care workers 28 reporter learned from the novel coronavirus infection in Sichuan epidemic prevention and control of pneumonia press conference, Sichuan Province, there is scattered and secondary cases among health care workers.After the outbreak, Sichuan strengthen come from epidemic-prone areas of transport and monitoring of quarantine personnel, the use of big data and grid management tools, dynamic control flow Sichuan number of personnel, and strive to achieve "find, keep things under control, good service.".2011 medical institutions open up fever clinics, there are currently 7.50000 Clinic amount; set up 27 provincial and municipal and 207 county-level designated hospital, emergency open beds 2273; As at 0:28 on January, the provinces medical observation in close contact with 1264 people, a total of 228 cases of reported cases wherein 90 cases confirmed cases, 138 cases of suspected cases.Confirmed cases of imported cases 81 cases, nine cases of secondary cases.Two cases of critical illness, currently no deaths.The provinces 21 cities, in addition to Panzhihua, Aba two cities, the rest are case reports.Treatment aspect, Sichuan Province, the implementation of national treatment programs, to regulate the treatment, insist on integrative medicine, Chinese medicine in particular, pay attention to the unique advantages in terms of prevention and treatment of viral infectious diseases, improve the level of treatment capacity.Currently Guangan a critical illness diagnosis, sicker, downgraded to severe cases; confirmed cases Chengdu, a good recovery is expected to be discharged from hospital in recent days.Sichuan on the 25th sent the first batch of 138 people, 150 people sent 28 medical emergency support Hubei, timely prevention and control of special funds to raise $$ 800 million to increase production and international procurement efforts, efforts to protect masks and other protective equipment and other supplies.

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