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  China - Cambodia Education Cooperation Alliance Was informed - "International Cooperation Forum and the ASEAN vocational education program features exhibition of achievements in China", organized by the 23 reporters from Guizhou Province Guian New "China - Cambodia vocational education alliance" announced the formal establishment.Consortium of Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College, Cambodia led the establishment of the National Technical Training Institute.From China Guizhou Vocational and Technical College of Water Resources and Hydropower, Guangxi Vocational and Technical College and Technical College from Battambang Cambodia, Battambang National Vocational and Technical College, Pusa Institute of Technology and other 74 universities, industry, enterprises Alliance member.Union namely the establishment of the Chinese Council and the Council of Cambodia, and Cambodia to jointly promote the development of vocational education, and jointly promote bilateral cooperation in vocational education and personnel training.According to the relevant person in charge, the Union will provide China and Cambodia vocational education and technical training skilled personnel exchanges and cooperation platform, to deepen the integration of production and education, promote vocational education cooperation between China and Cambodia.Union encourages members of the unit to carry out the sharing of resources, including scholarships, including the exchange of teachers and students, the project docking, to achieve interoperability, complementarity and integration of production and education and other fields of cooperation; carry out national and regional studies for Cambodia and other ASEAN countries, the United declaration of topics related fields and cultural exchanges, and industrial development; promote bilateral in Cambodia under the framework of the establishment of mechanisms for cooperation and the smooth flow of trade exchanges, promote cooperation and exchanges in various fields of education, culture, science and technology.As a sponsor of the league - Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College in 2020 with the Cambodian National Technical Training Institute, equipped Smart Group Co., Ltd. Yaalon build three first overseas branch - "Cambodia Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College School of Yalong Silk Road" Zhejiang Province in Cambodia set up its first overseas branch.Currently, "Yaalon Cambodia Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College School of Silk Road" has enrolled 80 full-time professional electrical automation specialist qualifications students.

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