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  Consensus than 50 agricultural colleges and universities with new agricultural building "construction plans" More than 50 agriculture-related colleges and universities reached a "consensus Anji" With the new agricultural building "construction plans" reporter Zhang Galen know almost found in "agriculture", you can see all kinds of dismal gloom question: What have professional agronomy in China future?Why Agronomy Specialty upset?Agronomy Specialty just how deceptive?.There are a wide variety of "discouraging", "off hole" Guide, "tragic history" are full of someone who.However, this situation will usher in change.June 28, guided by the Secretary for Education and Ministry of Higher Education, the construction of the new Agricultural Angelina seminar Ministry of Education working group sponsored the construction of the new Agricultural Science was held in the village of Anji County, Zhejiang Province, more than, more than 50 from more than 140 agriculture-related colleges and universities nationwide bit party secretary, president and well-known experts to attend meetings.At the meeting issued a "Angie Consensus", every word ringing - to take root in the land of China set off a revolution in the quality of higher education of Agriculture and Forestry, Chinese contribution to world education development program for Agricultural and Forestry."Today is the day of Chinese higher education re-start of agriculture and forestry."Secretary, Department of Higher Education Wu Yan say.Agriculture, forestry, education should take the initiative to change knowledge, strain, and change Wu Yan straight to the point, telling some urgent.Face of agriculture comprehensive upgrade, overall progress in rural areas, the comprehensive development of the new requirements of farmers, the face of the global technology industry to a new wave of revolution in the Pentium, the urgent need for innovative development of higher agriculture and forestry education; agriculture, forestry, and Chinese higher education "big but not strong", lack of attractiveness of Agriculture and forestry, the face of education in their own development challenges deep-seated problems with agriculture, forestry, equally urgent need for innovative development.Last August, the central document proposes higher education to the development of new engineering, new medicine, new agricultural, new liberal arts.Among them, the construction and development of new agricultural, forestry higher education practice is general secretary of the "Two Mountains" concept, to promote innovation and development of strategic initiatives, strategic action is higher agriculture and forestry education services in tackling poverty, rural revitalization, ecological civilization construction, and beautiful China.Wang Tao, vice president of China Agricultural University, said that since April 2020, the school has organized agricultural and forestry colleges and universities to carry out the "New Agriculture" building workshops, recognizing that traditional agricultural professional structure, curriculum and personnel training goals have been unable to adapt agriculture modernization of rural development requirements, development of the "new agricultural" is the inherent requirement of the development of higher education agriculture and forestry, but also to adapt to the inevitable requirement of modern agriculture and rural development needs."We must recognize that agriculture and forestry education have deep-seated problems and dilemmas.Also thinking about maintaining the status quo, is digging its own grave."Wu Yan said, to make agriculture and forestry to become a professional school of learning, thermal, people scrambling to want to learn."Reform well, it is possible to change crisis into opportunity."Winning tough fight poverty, higher agriculture and forestry education responsibility; implement the strategy of revitalizing rural, agriculture and forestry higher education heavy tasks; promote ecological civilization construction, agriculture and forestry higher education bounden; create beautiful happy China, higher agriculture and forestry education has much to offer.Wu Yanqiang stressed that China higher agriculture and forestry education must forge a sense of urgency to reform mission not wait, take the initiative to change knowledge, strain, change, accelerate the construction of new agricultural.Run agriculture, forestry, education is a "shaking" things "new agricultural new intention of innovation, overall agricultural innovation, is the professional structure of the reconstructed."Wang Tao said, because it new demands and the new; because the development of new theories, new knowledge, new technology and new; because of disciplinary integration and the new; due to industrial development, social development and the new derivatives of new relations.Wu Yan said the new agricultural construction should adhere to the "four faces", that is, for the new agriculture, new countryside, new farmers, new ecology, to drive our agriculture from a major agricultural power, power to live and work in the countryside to become a better home, so mountains greener, more clean water, more luxuriant forest, fields more fertile, Lake clearer, more abundant grass."Run agriculture, forestry, education, earth-shattering thing."Said Wu Yan, agriculture, forestry, education, involving a variety of factors such as weather landscape grass shoal land.The new agricultural building to create a "three paths", and actively explore the practice of integrated development, diversified development and coordinated development of new roads, speed up the training of innovative, composite applications, practical skills-based agriculture, forestry, only new, high standard agriculture, forestry and building "Golden special" "gold class" and "Highland".Professional personnel training is the basic unit.Have a new profession, but also the transformation of the old professional.Wu Yan said, should be based on the forefront of the development of forestry industry, based on multi-dimensional ecological production and living services, based on the emerging cross-border integration of science and technology development, optimization increment, adjust the stock, take the initiative to emerging agricultural professional layout, with biotechnology, information technology, engineering modern science and technology and other technologies to upgrade existing agriculture-related majors, create a number of agricultural and forestry class professional."Golden special" with "gold class" is also essential.Program is to improve the quality of personnel training of key.Wu Yan said that the construction of new agricultural to forestry based on practical problems, case-based forestry industry, based on cutting-edge science and technology, developing new era of agriculture, forestry, high-quality curriculum resources, innovation and inquiry, discussion and other students development as a center of education and teaching methods, advance agriculture, forestry, education and information technology, deep integration, efforts to enhance the high-order, creativity and challenges of the forestry program, create a number of agricultural and forestry-class courses.Innovative agricultural and forestry education can not stay in the classroom and books, practice teaching is an important carrier personnel training.We have to accelerate the construction of practice teaching platform campus practice teaching base and practice bases collaborative linkage of agriculture, forestry, construction of regional sharing practice teaching base, create a number of agricultural and forestry practice base class."Let forestry education out of the classroom and into the lake grass landscape Hayashida, padded practice short board."Said Wu Yan.Practice and exploration of future scientific and technological support agricultural development in colleges and universities has been conducting.Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, plans to build the future Institute for Agricultural Research.The school principal told the Science and Technology Daily reporter Wu Pute, the essence of education is to train people, agricultural and forestry colleges which requires thinking, what kind of future agricultural needs people."We believe that the future of agriculture has several features."Wu Pute said that the future of agriculture must be one hundred twenty-three production integration, not just the traditional primary industry; agriculture development concept of significant change will occur in the future, the past pursuit of well-fed, will now seek to" eat good ", the next step in pursuit of eat healthy; moreover, the future of agriculture must be supported by high-tech intelligent agriculture, is no longer the peoples traditional imaginary facing the loess back into the air."The future of professional agricultural exactly how to set up, we do not know; but it should have a path, it must be multi-disciplinary integration."So, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University of Science and Technology and Xian Jiaotong University, Northwestern University and other schools union, ready to do some exploring together.The future of agriculture must be some tech.China Agricultural University, the college arranged for the professional training plan a mid-term revision, the use of modern biotechnology, engineering, information technology to transform the existing agriculture-related majors.Wang Tao, the school is planning a new professional layout, launched the smart agriculture equipment, raw materials engineering, natural resource management, rural planning and management, governance and other emerging rural, agricultural professional newborn feasibility studies, plans to apply the new batch of "new rural Section "professional.Lanzhou University is advocated by modern biotechnology, information technology, engineering technology landscape rich professional content, service "Internet + modern grass industry", creative grass industry, rural tourism, grassland tourism and other new industries, new format development, will pay more attention to features curriculum development, and strengthen information fusion technology and teaching depth, depth blended learning and online education.Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University Ying Yibin hope, in the construction of new agricultural, forestry disciplines to achieve a breakthrough reputation for quality around the "beautiful China", "rural revitalization" and other social hot spots promote agriculture and forestry disciplines; educational resources to achieve a breakthrough policy support so that all levels of government to increase support for agriculture and forestry professional; professional quality of students achieve a breakthrough in agriculture, forestry, increase policy support to attract high-quality students to apply.Issued "Angie Consensus", the new agricultural building "first steps" for the new agricultural building painted a good "working drawings".According to Wu Yan said, "the second song" will open a new agricultural building "Beidacang action" in the country the Northeast granary, playing the "pile foundation" for the new agricultural building; "Episode III" is in Beijing the introduction of new agricultural building "Beijings Guide" to start construction of a new batch of Agricultural Research and practice project, issued a new agricultural building, "starting order".

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