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  "Official documents" attached in English, highlighting the improvement of the business environment sincerity "Official documents" attached in English, highlighting the sincerity to improve the business environment on improving the business environment need to be implemented to every detail, the implementation of each action.To "official documents" attach "in English," will undoubtedly make foreign companies feel the sincerity of Barbara Qieqie Qie.According to news reports surging, often innovative Suzhou Industrial Park again "crab taste," recently when enacting relevant for optimizing the business environment, "official documents", accompanied by a synchronized "English version".To "official documents" feature "in English," Some people may think that this is unnecessary.In fact, the "red tape" attached "in English," not only more than a format, but more of a sincere.Optimizing the business environment, not just for the domestic enterprises, but also for foreign companies.If this file is only Chinese version, that foreign companies either to invest or already prepared to invest, it may be difficult to be able to understand, even if some foreign investors understand some Chinese, it may be difficult to understand and thorough, there may be produce some misunderstanding.Even please translate for translation is always better to understand their own is more convenient.Internationalization is an important component to optimize the content of the business environment.Suzhou Industrial Park, the "red tape" in English attached, this small act, reflecting the advanced nature of this way of thinking of the park, the park also reflects a sincere improve the business environment, reflecting the park has always been pro-business service concept.Just imagine, this took the English version of "File" to investment, the main foreign companies that look very clear, so that the original file from foreign companies "supporting role" "foil" into a "subject" and "hero" from the original passive recipients to active recipients.So that the file is no longer being misinterpreted, the document reads more effective.Recently, the State Council issued a further promote continuous business environment policy documents, made specific arrangements for optimizing the business environment.At the same time, the government also relax market access, encourage technological innovation, tax cuts drop charges, etc. have launched targeted initiatives.Depth of the fish Wyatt, city strong, Jia Xing, the business environment is an important foundation for the development.But changing business environment must be implemented in every detail, the implementation of each action.Suzhou Industrial Park released on improving the business environment, "official documents" attach "in English," so that foreign companies feel the genuineness of the park to improve the business environment sincerity.Of course, improving the business environment to attract foreign investment, "official documents" attach "in English" is just a detail, it is important to put this "red tape" to the letter.One thousand strokes Wan strokes, can not be implemented that is unreal; a thousand and does not carry it out is the IOUs.Optimizing the business environment is not only the best better.More important is the need to get better and better.The quality of the business environment, the real attraction is the size of a good business environment will attract more investors to invest, the investor has landed more stable business."English version" of the "red tape" so that foreigners can understand though, but meets their needs, but also hard to say.Therefore, the park may wish to listen to the views of foreigners on the "English version" official documents, based on the collective wisdom, continue to be improved, full docking service the needs of enterprises, companies focus reflects the most concentrated pain points, jamming point, difficult issues , seeking the greatest common divisor of demand and to respond and resolve, open up policy implementation "last kilometer", so that companies feel the real convenience.□ Hujian Bing

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