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  Shandong greater efforts to promote the conversion of kinetic energy of old and new investment fund Cancel established part of the policy review and government approvals, lower notification thresholds, the establishment of equity investment funds registered within one year of the province of transferring the full benefits of the project.Shandong Province recently adopted a series of measures to promote the old and the new kinetic energy is converted to speed up investment fund.Li Feng, deputy director of Shandong Provincial Department of Finance at a news conference Shandong Provincial Government Information Office held a presentation on the 20th, converting the kinetic energy of the old and new fund set up in Shandong focus on promoting the conversion of kinetic energy of old and new major projects, initiatives to promote the development of related industries, high-quality.At present, Shandong provincial level were approved to establish 48 new and kinetic energy conversion fund, subscribed scale of 274.5 billion yuan; investment funds have been expanding, investment returns gradually revealed.To promote the fund to speed up investment, better to play a benefit, Shandong Province recently proposed, will guide financial contribution portion of the fund in Shandong Province as the new kinetic energy fund companies registered capital, change in the management system "trust management" to "direct funding"; Shandong provincial departments fund units do not interfere with the daily operation, does not participate in fund investment decisions, do not specify a specific investment projects.On the notification thresholds, Shandong Province will set up the threshold class infrastructure, industry and venture capital class classes, respectively, by 5.0 billion, 3.0 billion, 500 million yuan, adjusted to 3 billion yuan and 10 billion yuan, 200 million yuan; the paid-up registered capital fund management institutions, from not less than 20 million yuan adjusted to not less than 10 million; increase the proportion of investment fund guide, will guide the proportion of funds invested fund industry category adjusted from 20% to not more than 25%.On the policy incentives, equity funds registered for the establishment of investment projects in Shandong Province within a year, fund of funds transferring all income; equity funds registered within two years of the establishment, the progress of investment not less than 50% of the size of the subscription, the fund management organization the highest award 2 million yuan; within three years, the investor may be the original social contribution fund shares held by industrial and commercial registration guide purchase equity funds.

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