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  "Nature" published forecast warning: energy infrastructure emissions will overrun According to a report by the UK Energy "Nature" magazine published on the 1st of carbon dioxide emissions of existing and proposed energy infrastructure of the future will have a greater than global warming does not exceed 1.The emissions allowed 5 ℃.The study also pointed out that if the goal is to control global warming below 2 ℃, these emissions account for about two-thirds of the remaining carbon budget.Warming caused by human activity, resulting in global mean surface temperature in 2015 was about 0 higher than the mid-20th century.93 ℃.Thus, in December 2015 in Paris Climate Change Conference through the "Paris Agreement" in April 2016 in New York signed its long-term goal is to put the global average temperature rises of no more than pre-industrial levels 2 ℃, and efforts to temperature increase limited to not more than preindustrial levels 1.5 ℃.To do this, the world must work together to limit warming by mid-century to secure the transition to a zero net emissions.However, at this stage of economic development and industrialization still brought the expansion of fossil fuel energy infrastructure.This time, the University of California, Irvine research team used existing and planned fossil fuel energy infrastructure database as of the end of 2020, the estimated future CO2 emissions.They found that, if the proposed power station built, and energy infrastructure continued to run back to the way, the carbon dioxide emissions they produce will reach a total of around 846 billion tons.The research team believes that if there is no negative emissions technology or carbon capture storage technologies, the need for a comprehensive ban on the use of the CO2 emissions of all new equipment in order to reach a global warming at most 1.Target of 5 ℃.This will involve many or most of the already proposed fossil fuel power stations, and the need to drastically reduce the life of existing energy infrastructure and run time.

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