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  In Russia and Europe will jointly carry out international lunar research station demonstration China National Space Administration, responsible person 22, said China has with the European Space Agency, the Russian Space Agency reached a preliminary agreement, the co-lead discuss planning argumentation of international lunar research station.Fourth International Conference on the moon and deep space exploration was held in Zhuhai from 22 to 24 May, the Conference jointly organized by the China National Space Administration and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.Deputy director of the China National Space Administration SECOND NORTHWEST said at the meeting, after a full exchange with Russia, the European Space Agency and other international counterparts, international cooperation initiatives are being proposed lunar research station.China propose ideas international research station on the moon by 2016.Earlier, the European Space Agency has proposed the concept of "Moon Village", the Russian Space Agency also recently proposed goal of establishing a lunar base after 2030.Pei Zhaoyu, deputy director of the lunar exploration and Aerospace Engineering Center China National Space Agency, China will be four lunar exploration is based on the lunar exploration program has been proposed by the international cooperation, international joint lunar research station feasibility studies.It is understood that the international lunar research station will support research on key scientific issues origin and evolution of the moon, the lunar surface environment, origin and evolution of the universe, the Earth and other macro-evolution characteristics.Pei Zhaoyu said it would set up international lunar research station government Coordinating Committee, and the formation of an international team of scientists joint research and international joint planning demonstration team, by 2 - 3 years of working together, form an international lunar research station building program.Chinese Lunar Exploration Program chief architect of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wuwei Ren said, through lunar exploration project and four follow-up mission to assess long life, long working at the problem of the moon, to provide support for the construction of the International Lunar Research Station.Earlier, Russia has said that cooperation in the field of lunar exploration, will jointly implement Chang E No. 7 Luna and -26 task, the task of forming a collaboration on the level.SECOND NORTHWEST said he hoped accordance with the "planning docking, joint design, cooperative implementation, sharing of results" way to conduct a joint feasibility studies international lunar research station, give full play to China and the world in space science, space technology in the field of their respective advantages, to carry out scientific joint demonstration and research objectives, level or system-level tasks for the peaceful exploration of space.

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